Hi! I’m Megan Delaune, Founder and CEO of Fika Marketing. I also own Unicorn Kisses and Unicorn Kisses Tribe Blog. I’m a serial entrepreneur and I love every second of it. As a small town girl from West Monroe, LA, I know what it’s like to need assistance when starting a business. I’ve been successful in the past and present selling directly for mlm companies, makeup artistry, special effects makeup, branding other businesses, social media growth, influencing, graphic design, logo design, video marketing, advertising, and so much more!
Marketing (all aspects of it) has been one of my greatest passions of the bunch though. I’ll be offering many different services to help your business flourish and reach all of your long and short term goals.
So sit back and relax! Take a break and I’ll do the rest! Please reach out with any questions. I’m here for you!

About the Founder/CEO:
Megan Delaune